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Developer's Week July 2012

See the sections below for details about the week's agenda, objectives, building, and how to contribute. We have also created additional pages:

Location and Schedule

The Developer’s Week will take place in the LKSC center on the Stanford University campus. We will start each morning at 9am.
* Note, we will be in a few different rooms throughout the week.

The first day will include an overview of the OpenSim and Simbody software architecture. Then all participants will present their project goals for the week. The afternoon of the first day and rest of the week will be devoted to project work. We will hold regular check-ins to monitor progress and mini-lectures or discussions throughout the week to address common issues. On Friday, participants will share what they’ve accomplished by showing figures, movies, and demos. We’ll wrap up with a closing reception with snacks and drinks.

A more detailed agenda with room locations is below. We will provide light snacks and coffee during the week. 

Building OpenSim

All participants should build OpenSim from source, as well as the Simbody libraries it depends on, prior to the start of the Developer's Week. You can find detailed instructions in {old} Building OpenSim from Source

You should build the Simbody 3.0 branch, as described in the instructions. You should use the following link to check out the OpenSim source code from the svn repository (not Trunk): 


This is a temporary branch or tag of the latest OpenSim source code that will be isolated from ongoing OpenSim development work (that could cause temporary build errors, etc.). You have all been added as members to the OpenSim project, which will allow you to check out the OpenSim source code. If you don't have access, let me know via email (include your simtk username). If you have any other difficulties building, please let us know via email this week. If we are unable to help you via email, please arrive early on Monday morning to complete the build process.

Objectives for the Week

  • Achieve your development project goals and accelerate your research
  • Learn about the architecture of the API
  • Learn OpenSim coding standards
  • Meet and collaborate with other OpenSim developers to establish long-term connections
  • Help us expand and improve the OpenSim code base

Contribute to the OpenSim Project

The sustained success of the OpenSim project requires contributions from our users. In exchange for participating in the developer’s week, we ask that you contribute to the project in at least one of the following ways:
  • Sharing a movie for our gallery of examples
  • Making an addition or improvement to the OpenSim documentation and examples
  • Answering a question on the user forum
  • Contributing a model or code via a Simtk.org project
  • Identifying bugs or errors
  • Writing a new test case
We will have some fun, informal “awards” at the end of the workshop to help motivate these contributions.

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