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Advanced User Workshop August 2014

This workshop covers advanced topics in OpenSim. The workshop is an opportunity to learn more about how OpenSim works "under the hood" and get supervised, hands-on assistance with problems participants bring to the workshop. On the first day, participants will introduce their projects and the OpenSim team will present a lecture on validation for biomechanics. The second and third days will be devoted to working on problems participants bring to the workshop. Participants have the opportunity to work in small breakout groups with OpenSim experts on their research problems.

Final Presentation Awards Voting

This set of wiki pages hosts slides, relevant links, participant project information, and other materials for the workshop. 

Main Links

Other Helpful Resources


OpenSim Workshop Agenda

Roster and Contact Info

August 2014 Workshop Roster

Stanford NMBL Lab

Workshop Slides

Validation and Verification Talk

Participant Project Goals Slides

Groups and Staff Helpers

We've grouped together participants working on similar projects (based on application area, methods, or both). Please find and sit near your team at the workshop:

Aims & Study Design Consultant: Jen Hicks

OpenSim API Consultant: Ajay Seth

Dynamics Consultant: Michael Sherman

API for Contact, Controls, & Optimization

  • Daniel Lopes
  • Wouter Aerts & Maarten Afschrift
  • Zach Lerner
  • Wietse van Dijk
Tom Uchida, Justin Si, Soha Pouya

Model Building and Validation

  • Ashley Heers
  • Marisa Macias
  • John Olthoff
  • Hossein Mokhtarzadeh
  • Ameet Aiyangar
Matt DeMers, Apoorva Rajagopal, Carmichael Ong

Simulation with Clinical Apps

  • Sarah Schloemer
  • Mahdi Hassan
  • Alyssa Schnorenberg & Mathew Varre
James Dunne, Jenny Yong

Simulation and Optimization Approaches in Matlab (& More)

  • Mohammad Sharif Shourijeh
  • John Rogers
  • David Walker
  • Chand John
Ayman Habib, Chris Dembia

Location, Travel and Directions

The workshop will be held in the Y2E2 building, room 111.  Directions can be found here. More information about making your travel arrangements can be found here.

Workshop Survey

Help us improve future workshops by completing our workshop survey.

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