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Warrior Web Workshop May 2013

This workshop covers designing and evaluating assistive devices in OpenSim. The workshop is an opportunity to learn more about how OpenSim works "under the hood" and get supervised, hands-on assistance with projects participants bring to the workshop. On the first day, a conceptual overview of OpenSim will be provided and participants will work through a hands-on guided exercise. The rest of the time will be devoted to working on projects participants bring to the workshop. Participants have the opportunity to work in small breakout groups with OpenSim experts on their device design projects.

This set of wiki pages hosts slides, relevant links, and other materials for the workshop. 

For this workshop, you must use version 3.1 (Beta) of the OpenSim software.


Workshop Feedback (Participants Only)


Lecture Slides

Introduction Slides

Simulation Based Design - Metabolics (Note: Unpublished research results have been omitted)

Day One Exercise Materials

Simulation-Based Design to Reduce Metabolic Cost: This is the main exercise handout with step-by-step instructions. We will bring printed copies for everyone the day of the workshop.

Exercise Model and Data Files: Download this zip folder and extract to <OpenSim 3.1 Install Directory>/Models

Other Helpful Examples and Resources

Introduction to OpenSim for Device Design: An overview of current tools and future plans for using OpenSim for device design

Simulation-Based Design to Prevent Ankle Injuries: Learn how to use OpenSim to assess ankle injury risk, using forward dynamic simulations with a reflex controller.

Simulation with OpenSim - Best Practices: A guide to evaluating your simulation results and troubleshooting.

OpenSim Download: Scroll down to release betas to find OpenSim 3.1

Main OpenSim Support Page

Report a Bug (or add it to the whiteboard)

OpenSim 3.1 Doxygen Documentation for the OpenSim modeling and simulation libraries (API)

Scripting: Documentation for Matlab and GUI scripting interfaces

Musculoskeletal Models: Guide to OpenSim models

Controller Plugin example ReflexController3.0_Plugin.zip


  • Jen Hicks
  • Ajay Seth
  • Tim Dorn
  • Dan Jacobs
  • Matt DeMers
  • Ayman Habib
  • Kevin Xu
  • Tom Uchida
  • Michael Sherman

Location and Directions

The OpenSim  Workshop will meet in Room M208 of the Alway Building.  Alway M208 is a computer lab at Stanford University Hospital. This is on the other side of campus from the Day 1 meeting location at Munger.  Due to construction and limited parking near the hospital, please allow generous amounts of time to arrive at the workshop by 9:00 AM on 08-May. Online mapping many not reflect current road closures.

We'll provide snacks and coffee both days. Lunch will be on your own at one of the surrounding cafes.

Workshop Location
For an searchable overview of the Stanford University campus with construction zones, please see:


The Alway building is close to a grassy field (Dean’s Lawn) with a tall steel abstract sculpture (“Miwok”) along Campus Drive, and two flagpoles close to the courtyard entrance where you will see broad brick-colored stairs leading to the second floor.  At the top of the stairs, look far left.  The glass door is labeled Fleishmann Laboratory.  Through that doorway, you will find Room M208 halfway down the hall.

Parking Options

Metered Visitor Spaces
Parking at Stanford is by permit only, and is strictly enforced.  Visitor parking has either a meter at the parking space or a permit vending machine located nearby.  Machines accept currency, coins, and credit cards.  Put the printed receipt on the dashboard. There is a two-hour limit at coin-fed meters unless displaying a permit issued from vending machine.  Parking costs $1.50 per hour and is needed 8 am to 4pm only = $12. 

  • Street parking (328 Lomita Dr) at Cantor Arts Center & Rodin Garden [http://museum.stanford.edu/visit/visit_parking.html]
  • Parking Structure 1 (Campus Dr/Roth Wy) – ground floor only.
  • Parking Structure 2 (Panama St/Via Ortega) – basement level.  Ortega is walkable but closed to cars; drive to PS-2 by taking Campus Dr to Panama.
  • Stockfarm Rd lot near Welch Rd at Campus Drive West.

Valet Parking at Hospital
Pasteur Visitor Garage (Parking Structure 4 or PS-4) on Pasteur Drive is available to patients and visitors. Parking is free for the first hour. Parking up to 7 hours costs $6; more than 7 hours and up to 24 hours will be $12. Acceptable payment methods are cash and credit card.  Valet parking is available for patients and visitors at the hospital's Fountain Entrance on Pasteur Drive, at the Emergency Department entrance: http://stanfordhospital.org/directions/#

Public Transit Options: Marguerite Shuttle bus (free)

See Stanford University Visitor Info:



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