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CMBBE Workshop April 2013

The OpenSim team will run a workshop at the 11th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We invite all CMBBE participants to take part in the OpenSim Workshop on Wednesday April 3 at 2:15pm. The workshop will feature an overview of the OpenSim software and a hands-on team exercise. More information and workshop materials are below:

Preparation for the Workshop

No prior OpenSim experience is required. Interested participants should either bring a PC laptop with OpenSim 3.0.1 installed or be prepared to team up with another participant. Attendance is limited to 50. To reserve a seat please sign up online

Please direct any questions to Jennifer Hicks at jenhicks@stanford.edu.

Workshop Exercise

The hands-on exercise will feature the new Toy Drop Landing Model included in OpenSim 3.0.1. Instructions for the exercise are available on the page: Simulation-Based Design to Prevent Ankle Injuries.

Workshop Slides

Note that slides 2 and 22 do not display fully due to file compression.

Background Reading

We recommend reviewing the following resources to learn more about OpenSim:


Introduction to OpenSim for Device Design

Examples and Tutorials

Workshop Survey

Please give us your feedback on the workshop and OpenSim by filling out the workshop survey.

Pictures from the Workshop

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