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OpenSim relies on a large and diverse group of developers and other contributors who have written and tested the software and developed examples and documentation.

Current OpenSim Development Team

  • Nick Bianco
  • Alberto Casas Ortiz
  • Scott Delp
  • Jennifer Hicks
  • Ayman Habib
  • Antoine Falisse
  • Carmichael Ong
  • Matt Petrucci

OpenSim Contributors and Past Developers

  • Clay Anderson
  • Allison Arnold
  • Edith Arnold
  • Cindy Au
  • Peter Eastman
  • Chris Dembia
  • James Dunne
  • Dominic Farris
  • Lorenzo Flores
  • Saryn Goldberg
  • Eran Guendelman
  • Sam Hamner
  • Katherine Holzbaur
  • Chand John
  • Cassidy Kelly
  • Marjolein van der Krogt
  • Joy Ku
  • Glen Lichtwark
  • Jingjing Liu
  • May Liu
  • Peter Loan
  • Katie Lund
  • Matthew Millard
  • Paul Mitiguy
  • Apoorva Rajagopal
  • Jeffrey Reinbolt
  • Andreas Scholz
  • Ajay Seth
  • Michael Sherman
  • Ian Stavness
  • Katherine Steele
  • Shrinidhi KL
  • Darryl Thelen
  • Thomas Uchida
  • Jack Wang
  • Kevin Xu

OpenSim is supported by the Mobilize Center , an NIH Biomedical Technology Resource Center (grant P41 EB027060); the Restore Center , an NIH-funded Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource Network Center (grant P2C HD101913); and the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance through the Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation. See the People page for a list of the many people who have contributed to the OpenSim project over the years. ©2010-2024 OpenSim. All rights reserved.