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Advanced User Workshop March 2018

This workshop covers advanced topics in OpenSim. The workshop is an opportunity to learn more about how OpenSim works "under the hood" and get supervised, hands-on assistance with problems participants bring to the workshop. On the first day, participants will introduce their projects. The second and third days will be devoted to working on problems participants bring to the workshop. Participants have the opportunity to work in small breakout groups with OpenSim experts on their research problems.

This set of wiki pages hosts slides, relevant links, participant project information, and other materials for the workshop.


Important Dates


Friday, March 9

Submit Workshop Proposal by email (opensim@stanford.edu)

Friday, March 16Book Conference call time on the sign-up sheet

Tuesday, March 20

Conference calls with OpenSim Team

Monday, March 19

Start editing your Project Goals Slide

Wednesday to Friday, March 28 - 30

Advanced User Workshop


Conference Calls

Conference calls will be held on Tuesday, March 20. Please carefully read the instructions on the cover page of the booking sheet. We will use Zoom for the kick-off Webinar. To use Zoom, you either need to have a Chrome Browser or a native Zoom App installed.

Project Slides

Accomplishment slides

Participants present Project Goals slides on the first day and Accomplishment slides on the last. The workshop slides are intended to help the OpenSim team, and your fellow Workshop attendees, understand your work, ask questions, and give feedback and support where possible. On the final day, participants present their Accomplishment slides. 

Location, Meals, and Coffee

The workshop location is at Stanford University, Francis C. Arrillaga Alumni Center, 1st Floor Barnes-McDowell-Cranston Conference Rooms. Directions and maps to the Alumni Center can be found here. On each day of the workshop, we will provide a light breakfast, lunch, snacks, and plenty of coffee to help maximize productivity.


The workshop starts at 9:00am on Wednesday, March 28. The full agenda is available as a Downloadable PDF.

Software and Computers

We expect participants to use their own laptops. Power supplies and wireless internet access will be provided.

Should I use OpenSim 3.3 or 4.0?

Workshop participants will be able to use either OpenSim 3.3 or 4.0 (still in beta). You should discuss which version is best with your Stanford mentors, but here are some guidelines:

  • If you have already made substantial progress with a certain version of OpenSim, continue to use that version.
  • If you depend on another OpenSim-based project, use whatever version of OpenSim that project requires.
  • You can have both the 3.3 and 4.0 GUIs installed simultaneously, but it is less easy to toggle between 3.3 and 4.0 for the API/scripting.
  • Use OpenSim 3.3 for:
    • model editing/building in XML.
  • Use OpenSim 4.0 for:
    • scripting,
    • extensive data import/export (in a new project),
    • using the standard Tools through the GUI.
  • If using OpenSim 4.0, you should expect to encounter some bugs while we work on finalizing the release.

OpenSim 4.0 Beta Download

The software is available for download on the OpenSim SimTK project page. Scroll down to "OpenSim Release Betas" and select the Windows or Mac version to download.




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