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Virtual Workshop October 2018

The Virtual Workshop will bring together a group of international scholars and OpenSim experts to help each other advance their research using modeling and simulation. The OpenSim team at Stanford University will provide guidance on your projects, while also facilitating discussion and support amongst your fellow Workshop participants. We hope that this event can accelerate your work while also building relationships with a network of researchers and engineers who are using OpenSim for research. Below, we have provided a list of information and resources for the Workshop. Please check back regularly, since we will add more links and information as we get closer to the workshop start date.


Link to Opening Webinar | Link to Closing Webinar

The OpenSim team will deliver a live Welcome and Closing Webinar. The Webinars will feature short talks followed by questions from the audience about Workshop and presentations from workshop award winners (closing Webinar). We will use Zoom for the kick-off Webinar. To use Zoom, you either need to have a Chrome Browser or a native Zoom App installed.

Welcome Webinar: Monday, October 22 at 9am
Closing Webinar: Friday, October 26, at 930am


Wednesday, October 17

Receive and review written feedback from OpenSim team

Goal Slides open for editing.

Begin signing up for Conference Calls

Sunday, October 21

Finalize your Project Goals Slide

Monday, October 22

Tune in to workshop welcome webinar (9 am PDT)

Review and Comment on Project Goals Slides

Workshop Forum opens

Office Hours 1

Tuesday, October 23

Office Hours 2

Thursday, October 25

Office Hours 3

Friday, October 26

Finalize Closing Accomplishment Slides (8 am PDT)

Vote on Final Awards (voting closes 9 am PDT)

Closing Webinar from Stanford team (9:30 am PDT)

Workshop Ends

Monday, October 29

Forum Closes to new questions

Conference Calls

Link to Booking Sheet

Virtual office hours will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, October 22, 23, and 25. Please carefully read the instructions on the cover page of the booking sheet. We will use Zoom for the kick-off Webinar. To use Zoom, you either need to have a Chrome Browser or a native Zoom App installed. 

Conference Call Schedule (all times in US PDT);
- Monday, October 22, 930-1100 am and 130-3 pm.
- Tuesday, October 23, 930-1100 am and 130-3 pm.
- Thursday, October 25, 930-1100 am and 130-3 pm.

Virtual Poster Session

Link to Virtual Posters

The Virtual Poster Session is an opportunity for you to show off your work, ask questions, and provide support to your Workshop colleagues. Carefully read and follow the instructions. We’ll also give out prizes based on the discussion about the projects. Please finalize your workshop Goal Slides by Sunday, October 21. Each time you ask a question or make a comment, you will be entered into a prize draw!

Support Forum

Link to Support Forum

Follow the links to find simple guides for asking good questions and providing helpful answers. During the workshop, the OpenSim team will devote part of each day to answering questions, but we hope that participants will be active in answering each other's questions, as well. The workshop is about sharing experience and building community. Remember that it is better to ask a greater number of smaller, tractable questions than a single, large post with multiple questions. Try to be specific. Be positive and have fun! 

Remember to visit the 2017 Virtual Workshop support forum to see if there were similar issues or questions then. 

Awards Voting 

Link to Awards Voting 

Voting for Awards will open on Thursday, October 25, and closes on Friday at 9am (US PDT). The awards include Biggest Research Discovery, Technical Grand Prize, Coolest Demo or Video, and Best Blooper. There will also be awards given for engagement on Goal and Accomplishment slides as well as asking and answering questions on the support forum. Award winners will win an Amazon gift card and be invited to present their slides and talk about their workshop experience during the closing webinar.

OpenSim 4.0 or 3.3?

Link to OpenSim Download Page

It is not a requirement for you to use OpenSim 4.0— many of you may already be using 3.3 for your projects— but we do encourage you to use 4.0 during the workshop. If you wish to upgrade to 4.0, we can help with upgrading existing models and simulations. You can download the latest 4.0 beta from SimTK.

Useful Links and Literature

National Center for Simulation Research (NCSRR) 

OpenSim Documentation (Confluence) 

Overview of the OpenSim Workflow

Preparing Your Data

Examples and Tutorials

Scripting with OpenSim

OpenSim Class Documentation

OpenSim Development Source Code

OpenSim: Open-Source Software to Create and Analyze Dynamic Simulations of Movement  
Scott L. Delp, Frank C. Anderson, Allison S. Arnold, Peter Loan, Ayman Habib, Chand T. John, Eran Guendelman, and Darryl G. Thelen

Is My Model Good Enough? Best Practices for Verification and Validation of Musculoskeletal Models and Simulations of Movement
Jennifer L. Hicks, Thomas K. Uchida, Ajay Seth, Apoorva Rajagopal, Scott L. Delp
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, Volume 137, Issue 2, 2015.

OpenSim: Simulating musculoskeletal dynamics and neuromuscular control to study human and animal movement
Ajay Seth, Jennifer L. Hicks, Thomas K. Uchida, Ayman Habib, Christopher L. Dembia, James J. Dunne, Carmichael F. Ong, Matthew S. DeMers, Apoorva Rajagopal, Matthew Millard, Samuel R. Hamner, Edith M. Arnold, Jennifer R. Yong, Shrinidhi K. Lakshmikanth, Michael A. Sherman, Joy P. Ku, Scott L. Delp
PLoS Computational Biology, 14(7):e1006223, 2018.

OpenSim is supported by the Mobilize Center , an NIH Biomedical Technology Resource Center (grant P41 EB027060); the Restore Center , an NIH-funded Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource Network Center (grant P2C HD101913); and the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance through the Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation. See the People page for a list of the many people who have contributed to the OpenSim project over the years. ©2010-2024 OpenSim. All rights reserved.